Durango Boots CRUSH Women's 12" Leather Western Cowgirl Boots - Red

Durango Boots CRUSH Women's 12" Leather Western Cowgirl Boots - Red
Durango Boots CRUSH Women's 12" Leather Western Cowgirl Boots - Red
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Product Description

Durango Boots CRUSH Women's 12" Leather Western Cowgirl Boots - Red
Durango Women's Western Cowboy Boots


Stunning! One word, it's so simple, but it is able to sum up these Crush by Durango Western boots so perfectly. The intensity of the red hue is magnificent; it draws in visual interest, it instantly adds sexiness to the footwear and it is going to stand out. The laced piping and embroidery are accents that enhance the appearance further.

In terms of being able to preserve its great look and being exceptionally easy to clean, these women's boots are relatively low maintenance. All of this can really be attributed to the synthetic leather that was used to create the upper of this red boot. The pull straps and dipped topline are very valuable because they help you get these 12 " boots on/off smoothly, but they do not distract from the footwear's stylish appearance.

The interior has been lined with an extremely lightweight and smooth material, similarly these Western boots have a cushioned flex insole positioned directly underneath your feet, to prove you with optimum comfort.

Durango has built a tempered steel shank into these red boots; this is the ideal feature to have in your footwear because it aids in providing steady footing and it supports your foot's arch, which allows you to walk comfortably throughout the day. On the bottom, the rubber outsole has great durability and is comfortable to stand on; in terms of aesthetics, the brown stain that has been applied looks lovely. The 2 " Western heel has a dark-brown hue that complements the footwear nicely, it gives you great height but you'll still be able to maintain your normal stride.

If you are looking for uniquely stylish yet comfortable footwear that not everybody and their mother will have, these Crush by Durango Women's Western Boots are perfect for you!

Product Information:

Soft Mesh Lining.

Composition rubber outsole.

Tempered Steel Shank.

Synthetic leather upper.

Cushion Flex insole.

2 1/4" heel.

X toe.

12 inches in height.

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